Antique Finish World Globe

50cm diameter old world globe 
This stunning globe will adorn any home office bringing a touch of the old days of adventurers and explorers to your world!  
Antique look world globe

- This world globe offers you the full world map to clearly see all contents,oceans and countries.Different countries printed with different color on large globe is easy to read and recognize all the little countries on this globes of the world.

- The Sphere size of this world globes for kids is 50*50cm/20*20 inch(HxL).Great learning tool for home,office,school,living room and bedroom to navigate the world at your fingertip!


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It seems we are all naturally drawn to globes when we come across them. A fascination that's been with most of us since childhood. You will find yourself even more drawn to this old-world style world globe of majestic beauty. A gift to be enjoyed over and over again.

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