Advanced Family DNA Test

Advanced tellmeGen Family DNA Test. Find Out What Your DNA Says About You. 
Surprise them with an unorthodox yet highly intriguing gift that will open up a whole new avenue of interest for them. This is more than just genealogy, these tests can reveal to the person a wealth of information about themselves and their DNA makeup. A slightly left field present perhaps but we think it would blow them away!  
Find Out What Your DNA Says About You

- tellmeGen is the DNA test that provides information about your genetic predisposition to more than 440 traits that affect your health and well-being. The Advanced tellmeGen Family DNA Kit contains two individual genetic tests to be done as a couple or separately.

- If you are or are about to become parents, tellmeGen serves as a genetic compatibility test, i.e., it informs you about what implications the presence of certain genetic variants could have on your health or that of your children.


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As DNA tests go this package from tellmeGen is by far one of the most complete and advanced ones on the market. A whole echo system and regular updates means you are periodically updated with new information about your ancestry and DNA makeup. For those fascinated by genealogy and ancestry this DNA test kit would be a most intriguing present to receive.

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