Evolve Electric Skateboard

Evolve Hadean Bamboo Street Electric Skateboard 
Electric skateboards do not come much better than this dual motor model by Gold Coast company Evolve. With a range of up to 40 miles and a top speed of 31mph this deck is the bomb! More speed, more range, more smart and A LOT more power than most electric boards on the market. 
Buy the top of the range Electric Skateboard by Evolve

- Deck Length: 101cm (39.7")

- Recharge: 3.5-4hr

- Range: 40 Miles (65km)

- Top Speed: 31mph (50km/Hr)


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Award-winning Australian electric skateboard designer and manufacturer Evolve manage to combine aesthetic design with performance, resulting in high-end boards in a number of models for different terrains and performance settings.

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