Monopoly Nostalgia Wooden Edition

Featuring A Wooden Box, The Original Graphics, Counters And Wooden Houses And Hotels  
If he grew up playing Monopoly, as most of us boys did, he would simply adore this wooden, nostalgic edition of the world famous board game bearing the name of the Parker Brothers, one of the original companies to market the board game. A gift for men that can't help but bring a nostalgic smile to his face ... even if he is a millennial!  
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- Take A Ride Back Through The Decades

- Collectors Edition

- Nostalgia Edition Brings History To Life

- For 2 To 6 Players


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The history of this globally played board game begins in 1903 in Illinois, U.S. An outspoken activist by the name of Lizzie Magie developed a game called The Landlord's Game as a way to demonstrate the benefits of an economy that rewards wealth creation and the single-tax theory of Henry George by whom she was heavily influenced. The game did not make much headway until one Charles Darrow started to market the game under its new name Monopoly. Charles Darrow went on to become the first millionaire game designer in history. Unjustly, Lizzie Magie only received $500 for her invention!

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