SAXX Men's Boxer Shorts

Saxx underwear men's shorts – Pack of 3  
By far the most comfortable boxer shorts out there. Built with a patented internal ballpark pouch, providing superior comfort. Once you have tried SAXX boxer shorts it is unlikely you will change brands any time soon. Made from super soft moisture wicking fabric with no fly. Yes, it's a no fly zone and it works!  
Saxx Underwear Men's Boxer Shorts

- VIBE MEN’S BOXER SHORTS 3 PACK: Bold, bright and brilliantly comfortable boxer shorts, this pack of 3 Vibe boxer shorts are underwear for men with a sense of style and a need for everyday comfort.

- 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester


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SAXX is a Canadian company founded by Trent Kitsch in 2006 with a $20,000 student loan. Less than 2 decades later the company has sales of over $50 million every year and is continually expanding its range, styles and innovation in the field of undergarments, tops and socks. The recipient of this gift will be thanking you for years to come for introducing them to the comfort and style of SAXX boxer shorts.

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