Whiskey Glasses And Decanter Set

Premium EVEREST Whiskey Glasses Set of 4 with Whiskey decanter Set and 8 engraved marble whiskey stones. 
Stunning Whisky Gift Set for Men - Birthday, Anniversary, whatever the occasion you are sure to hit the right notes with this stylish, premium whiskey glass and decanter set presented inside a stunning box. 
Whiskey glasses and decanter set

- 4 BEAUTIFUL EVEREST GLASSES INCLUDED - Your decanter set comes with 4 Everest glasses, super cool and super popular. It took more than 6 months and a lot of experimentation to master the technique required to make this mountain glass, and now they are available in this bourbon decanter set. Hand blown and intricate in detail, the Everest glasses on their own are a huge statement, but in this set, they are unrivalled!

- Crystal with 750 milliliters capacity


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Any serious whiskey connoisseur knows the decanter and glasses used to serve this luxury, golden liquor are an integral part of the whole whiskey drinking experience. Heighten that experience for a loved one with a premium quality crystal whiskey glass and decanter set complete with 8 engraved whiskey chilling stones. Hand blown and intricate in detail this luxury gift will bring a smile to the face of any whiskey lover.

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