Chesterfield Footstool

Luxury Vine Footstool By Richard Jones Upholstery 
Gorgeous footstool in plush velvet with deep button detail manufactured by a small, dedicated team of craftsmen and women in Wolverhampton producing high quality, on trend home furniture and furnishings anyone would be delighted to own.  
Chesterfield Footstool by Richard Jones

- Bespoke British handmade footstool/ coffee table in plush velvet vine with deep button detail.

- Solid turned feet with brass castor 1m x 1m x 35cm


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Handmade, bespoke quality furniture designed and produced right here in the UK by Richard Jones Upholstery. Classic furniture pieces beautifully upholstered using interesting and unique fabrics resulting in luxury home furniture pieces which would make high impact presents for a loved one, a client or a colleague.

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