Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

Hotel Chocolat 472756 Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Machine, Charcoal 
Making hot chocolate at home is often a disappointment as it simply doesn't compare with the quality, flavour and velvety smoothness you get from a barista made one. That was until chocolate connoisseurs Hotel Chocolat introduced us to their Velvetiser. This is a heavily reviewed product with an astounding 88% giving it the full 5 stars!  
Hot Chocolate Machine By Hotel Chocolat

- Barista grade hot chocolate, as served in Hotel Chocolate cafes, velvetised at the touch of a button

- Contains - The Velvetiser hot chocolate machine - 10 single serve hot chocolates, milky, salted caramel, 70% classic, hazelnut and 85% dark, no powders, no syrups, just chocolate - 2 exclusive ceramic cups

- An electrical product, ready to use straight from your countertop, a removable whisk and Non-Stick coating for easy cleaning, not suitable for dishwashers

- Designed to make one ideal hot chocolate in 2. 5 minutes


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British chocolatier and cocoa grower Hotel Chocolat now has over 125 stores UK wide and has built a brand renowned for quality, luxurious chocolates with great emphasis on innovation and new flavours. The journey of its founders Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris began in 1988 when the pair began designing and selling mints under a different brand name. Hotel Chocolat is now the only company in the UK to own its own cocoa plantation, a testament to their passion for chocolates, starting with the finest cocoa beans.

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