Vera Wang Wedgwood Sequin Vase

Vera Wang for Wedgwood Sequin Vase, H23cm, Clear 
Every homeowner would love this crystal, Wedgwood vase by American designer Vera Wang. Octagonal cuts in the crystal give this Vera Wang for Wedgwood vase its name, Sequin, as the cuts cause light to refract and sparkle, just as sequins shimmer in the light.  
Vera Wang for Wedgwood Sequin Vase, H23cm, Clear

- Wedgwood Crystal

- H23 x Dia.11cm


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Vera Wang, acclaimed authority for bridal elegance, is truly an icon. With a modern approach to classic style, at the heart of her design is an understanding of tradition and beauty, mixed with a contemporary edge. This she brings to all her pieces creating classic pieces that look simply amazing in modern settings.

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