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1 January 2022 | Last Updated 3 January 2022 

Great Oaks may be somewhat too ambitious but as we launch, at the start of this New Year 2022, we do so with the vision and aim of becoming known as a trusted site for luxury gift ideas for men, women and for the home. A place where, if you are stuck for ideas, you can find a range of top quality luxury goods from not only some of the world's top brands but also from artisan, independent UK and international designers and manufacturers.

We Promote What We Love

We are very much design and luxury led but we never forget the importance of practicality in the products we choose to promote. We research each product to ensure it is of the quality it needs to be to warrant the price tag. We start conversations with users and buyers of products to gauge their feedback and we would never promote a product we would not love to have ourselves, but alas, the lottery win has yet to happen!

Buy Luxury & Save The Planet!

Now bear with us here! You may be thinking that opulence and luxury are in direct conflict with what we consider to be good for the planet. We beg to differ and this knowledge has come from experience. The number of cheap, inferior items that we have all trashed at some point, after getting minimal use out of them, is mind boggling! How many times have we heard the phrase 'they don't make them like they used to?' And certainly most manufacturers don't make things to last anymore. A well built, sturdy wooden shoe horn will last generations whereas the plastic, cheaper version is likely to break and end in landfill, at best, or in our oceans.

So, the case has been made for high quality, expensive gifts that will last a lifetime over cheap, inferior quality gifts which simply won't make it to next year. But of course you already knew that with the saying 'you get what you pay for' ringing in your ears. What we here at Hello Opulence want to do is simply point you in the direction of some great gift ideas we have found that may be considered luxury and opulent but are in fact helping save the planet too!

What Next At Hello Opulence?

Now that we have launched the site it's heads down from all the team here at Hello Opulence as we add a lot more exciting and opulent gift ideas in all our sections. Some of the products we feature are sold through our affiliate links meaning we make a small commission for the referral and sale. However, not all the products we promote are affiliate linked and so therefore we do not earn anything from some vendors for our referral. And That's OK WIth Us! Our aim is to simply present you with some cracking gift ideas for when you are a little stuck. Luxury gifts for men, opulent gifts for women and unique gifts for the home at Hello Opulence!

This blog post was written by Harry | Lover of dogs, hogs and togs

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